We love helping you get the best out of yourself, to assist you to drive towards and achieve your goals! We help you remember the intrinsic reasons why you undertook your sport, and the rewards enjoyed through training.

We are passionate about seeing you recognise your ability and then having the confidence to step out and work towards your dreams! We love showing you that it takes just one step at a time to walk out your back door, one step at a time to become qualified in your passion, one step at a time to run a marathon, one step at a time to climb Everest, one step at a time…

With a degree in Psychology, a Masters in Sport Psychology, more than 3 years living abroad, and experiencing different cultures while always learning and developing his self, Warrick has an exceptional ability to empathise with his audience. Volunteering and experience working with all segments of society has been invaluable to ingrain innovation and attitude to be hallmarks of progression.

Warrick is an expert at developing goals and strategies from your perspective and your own unique ‘toolbox’, while at the same time providing you with even more tools to expand your reach.


Warrick Sue graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Otago in New Zealand, and subsequently researched the behaviour of ‘Playing whilst Injured’ as the topic for his Masters in Sport Psychology. His thesis was honoured with Distinction.

Since his graduation, Warrick has provided to New Zealand’s elite and developing athletes through the New Zealand Academy of Sport –North Island (NZAS-NI) and privately. Working with athletes and coaches from different codes has been both a challenging and extremely rewarding experience.

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Warrick Sue has been a member of, and is accredited through Sport and Exercise Science New Zealand (SESNZ) since 2006. SESNZ accreditation ensures quality assurance of safe and effective service to all clients. This is summarised in the Code of Ethics.

Most of all, you can be assured of Warrick’s enthusiasm and passion to help you succeed!