What a spectacle the most popular indoor sport in the world is! The variety of skill, fitness and awareness that players require ensures compelling viewing, and highlights any player that is ‘off’ their game and those that are ‘in the zone’.

With all players on a Basketball court able to move freely within the defensive and offensive areas, it is the teams that communicate continuously and play a free game that perform the best. Communication is one of the least practised yet vitally important basketball skills and is easily improved with a practical mental skills session.

Establishing automatic re-focus routines ensures mistakes are kept to a minimum, and that there are no lapses in concentration when your team is well ahead on the scoreboard. A good pre-performance routine that has embedded flexibility for individual preparation guarantees there is no ‘cold start’ to allow your opposition to steal a run of baskets. In addition, getting into the ‘zone’ is a more likely outcome when the pre-performance routine is based on previous strong performance.

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