If your sport is cricket then you must be taking note of the most exciting transformation and popularity to the T20 shortened version of the historic and traditional game. Cricket has always required a significant mental focus where the most successful batsmen have had strong mental toughness backed by automatic routines to allow them to bat for many hours without losing focus. Do you arrive at the batting crease having prepared your mind so that you feel like you are already ‘off the mark’? Do you apply the same routines to your training as you do for when you play?

As a bowler you have the advantage of knowing exactly where you want to pitch the ball and that should be your sole focus as you prepare for your delivery. Having a routine that isolates your thoughts about previous events will allow you to be consistent in the delivery of the next ball and should be the way you review your performance as well. This process will make it easier for you to maintain confidence in your ability while also making it difficult for a batsman to do things to put you off your focus.

While fielding do you sometimes find yourself ‘switched off’ after the ball has not come your direction for a couple of overs? Fielding routines that have you switching ‘off’ when the ball is in the wicket keepers gloves and then switching ‘on’ again as the bowler begins running in mean that you only need to focus for about 10 seconds for each delivery. This short focus period means that you are likely to field to your potential while also leaving you mentally fresh for when you need to bat or bowl.

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