So what are the mental strategies that best suit you? That depends on your personality, and on what strategies you are consciously and unconsciously already using.

We can build confidence with Imagery and Affirmations, followed by routines that will focus on what is controllable.

We can maintain momentum and prevent burn-out by investigating how you best relax and rejuvenate, and structure this into your training and performance schedule.

Focus is best maintained or re-gathered through well-practised routines that allow distractions to be either quickly dealt with, or ‘put aside’ to deal with at a more appropriate time.

Goal setting and achieving is an important part of skill acquisition and, if done correctly, allows evaluation to be based on performance processes rather than results. This process based evaluation provides consistent and solid sports confidence as opposed to result based confidence that can quickly erode.

Optimal Activation or performing ‘in the zone’ can be elusive, however, your preparation for it can be controlled and consistent. Well practised routines prior to and during performance as well as heightened self-awareness are the largest influences in achieving optimal activation. Strategies to increase or decrease activation can be used appropriately towards achieving optimal activation.

Like successful performance in all areas of life, in spite of the sometimes effortless appearance there is always much effort and energy expended in preparation and training. Therefore, all of the above strategies are skills that need to be implemented and well practised in training and then you will see that they provide you with consistent performance.