Netball is a fast free-flowing game and a great spectacle when played well. Decisions need to be made in a heartbeat which means that most choices are automatic based upon experience, many hours of practice and good team patterns. Allowing your mind to automatically make those decisions will usually lead to good skill execution and free up attention to focus on dynamic changes around the court.

If you are finding yourself hesitant around the court or with the ball then your best option is to fall back to well practised routines that will instil the confidence required for you to play your part. Trying to change a significant habit successfully during a performance is largely impossible, so being tenacious with your other options is your preferred choice.

Being able to refocus after each goal is paramount to making good use of your own centre pass or defending solidly with out attention to the scoreline. When a team is playing with the same intensity throughout each quarter then you can be certain that their mental skill preparation matches their high physical fitness.

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