Vision Acquisition has been supporting the talented youth sailing in the Wellington region for a number of years now, and we are firmly behind the Yachting Talent Development Programme. Through this programme, sailors are introduced to mental skills and other sport science disciplines in their continued development towards becoming elite sailors both nationally and internationally.

The use of mental skills can help develop and maintain focus in light winds, ensure usable routines are supporting your activation levels and ability to refocus, or assist with reviewing your performance and training.

Yachting is a fantastic sport to be involved in, and becomes even more fun when you perform more consistently. Think of being able to have your mind focussed on the right cues so that you can generate more boat speed and finer handling with your skill acquisition!

I have seen Warrick Sue work his magic with a group of young sailors in Wellington over the last four years. He has developed a great framework for young athletes to set and monitor performance and outcome goals. Warrick quietly works alongside the athletes always ensuring they have complete ownership of what they are planning to do and how they are going to monitor how they achieve. It is amazing to watch how quickly he gets these young sailors to focus on what they need to do to enhance their performance. And what's more it is paying dividends with many podium finishes at international and world events already coming form the sailors he has worked with. Ka pai Warrick!

Dean Stanley,
Coaching Director for Wellington Yachting Development Programme.