Otherwise known as the ‘beautiful game’ with the greatest fan and player base around the world. This great sport requires exceptional coordination which involves many thousands of hours of skill training, considering the distance a message from the brain has to travel to direct those far off limbs! Just as important are your mental skills that need to be well practised in preparing yourself for those challenging situations and perhaps even more so for the less challenging situations.

Your pre-performance routine should have you ready to score a goal on your first touch of the ball if the opportunity arises. Then having a well practised refocus routine will allow you to keep searching for the next goal regardless of the score line.

Penalty goals and penalty shoot-outs are a crucial part of football and should be prepared for in the same way other football skills are taken from the training field to the game. That is, the skill of kicking the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal (or wherever you prefer) is likely to be well rehearsed, but how the team gathers before and after the shot and the order of shot-takers should also be practised. Equally important is to train this aspect of the game at the end of training when you are feeling fatigued to mimic the fatigue at the end of a game. Train the way you expect to perform!

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