Are you searching for that Unity that will bring all of the assets of your individual parts together? Do you want to create distributed leadership to establish shared responsibility and ownership towards team goals? Are you in the situation where you know that consistent performance is what wins a championship or a place in the play-offs, but you have been unable to convince the team?

In looking for that improved performance it is the established preparation that sets the platform. Vision Acquisition’s Unity workshop discusses and establishes team goals that keep everyone mindful of the overall good of the team, as well as focussed on their individual goals towards that end. By the end of this seminar, teams will own well thought-out supportive goals that continue to challenge them in the areas of greatest mutual benefit.

Having one or two players whose performance greatly influences the outcome of the team’s performance is not unusual, but consistent performance within the team requires conscious action. When we develop distributed leadership it becomes clear that each of us has very specific and vital roles to play in order for our team to perform at its best and that ownership leads to consistent effort.

Being able to maintain a fresh, fun and intense approach to training is what ultimately directs the game performance. Scheduling so-called ‘reviving sessions’ at appropriate times will re-ignite the inspiration, along with reducing the mentally and physically fatigued performance.

Our Consistent Performance seminar is what brings distributed leadership and Unity together. Establishing open and equal team communication provides the platform for monitoring the agreed upon goals.