Kate Horan

I worked with Warrick for 10-months leading up to the Beijing Paralympic Games, at this time I needed help with dealing with stress and managing the expectations I faced.

Over this time Warrick helped me develop strategies around time management and realistic goal setting… He taught me useful visualisation techniques and imagery, which we recorded on my phone so I could access it anytime I needed reassurance, I found this most helpful, also the Mount Cook metaphor helped me overcome the challenges and hurdles I faced.

I was initially sceptical and found some of the sessions difficult but feel, without a doubt that these sessions benefited me hugely and improved my performance leading up to and at the Paralympic Games.

I credit Warrick with helping me medal at the Paralympics, I would recommend him to anyone who needs help in reaching their full potential or who needs help in overcoming hurdles that they face.

I developed some great strategies and habits which I still use today not just in my sport but in all areas of my life.

Kate Horan, June 2009
Silver Medalist, 200m (T44 class) Bejing Paralympics, 2008
World Record Holder 400m (T44 class), 2004

Stefan Webling

Working with Warrick during my 2008/09 season changed my attitude and the way I thought on and off the track. My confidence grew to a level that I didn’t know I had, my ability to control my thoughts using trigger words enabled me to be at my peak activation as soon as I jumped in the car, and during the race. My focus was always to broad but Warrick taught me a different way to think, I became a more consistent, cooler, calmer driver and I believe it is all to do with working with Warrick.

Stefan Webling, April 2009
Junior/development driver for team ‘TripleX Motorsport’
Winner Race 1, third overall, MTA Formula Ford Championship series, 2008/09
New Zealand MTA Formula Ford championship rookie of the year, 2007/08

Dean Stanley

I have seen Warrick Sue work his magic with a group of young sailors in Wellington over the last four years. He has developed a great framework for young athletes to set and monitor performance and outcome goals. Warrick quietly works alongside the athletes always ensuring they have complete ownership of what they are planning to do and how they are going to monitor how they achieve. It is amazing to watch how quickly he gets these young sailors to focus on what they need to do to enhance their performance. And what's more it is paying dividends with many podium finishes at international and world events already coming form the sailors he has worked with. Ka pai Warrick!

Dean Stanley,
Coaching Director for Wellington Yachting Development Programme.